April First

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Today is April 1st, 2012. March has been concluded. It was a long and arduous journey to get from February to April. And as the TF Blogmaster, I’m truly sorry that I’ve left you hungry for several weeks in March. I’ve been sitting on a blog for almost a month and wow, March is gone. This is the sort of thing that I imagine happens with lots of non-profits and even for-profits, I suppose. Granted, I think that I take my aspirations to keep the blog active on a weekly basis a bit more seriously than some others who imagine the world keeps turning even if I don’t get something up on the blog every week. But while I may have been conversing about what I’ve been wanting to blog about, I’ve failed several times to make that spoken-word to written-word connection, and for what I’ve written, getting it posted.

The great news however is that April is here and in eleven days, that’s right, 11 days – XI days! Traffick Free is going to be rocking out with our booth out at Chicago’s premier pop culture event of the year – the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo C2E2!

You know, one of the original plans I had when I pitched taking over the blog to our directors and leadership team was to be able to write about C2E2 preparations. I’ve kinda failed to do so thus far. However, in the wake of that failure, I’ve come up with an innovative way to both embrace the comic book community at C2E2 and raise awareness of human trafficking specifically with industry artists. And to be straight-up about this…I don’t think anything like what we’re planning has been done before. This isn’t a job for the leadership team or individuals who are volunteering at our booth. It’s bigger than the dozen of us representing Traffick Free at our booth over the three day period of the convention. We need all of you, casual or serious readers and those who are on our emailing lists to join us at C2E2 and raise awareness of human trafficking by supporting the comic book industry. In the same way that we choose to buy director or fair trade coffee or chocolate over brands whom we suspect an involvement of labor trafficking, I’ve devised a way to wisely promote awareness as well as financially support creators in the industry. An explanation will be forthcoming, mostly likely in an email form, but be ready to buy your C2E2 tickets because there is work to be done at this convention. And this isn’t an April Fools’ joke. It’s just going to be awesome.

Brooke Hennen
TF Convention Outreach Director