How to End Human Trafficking Today

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Today is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day and here at Traffick Free, we’re in it to end exploitation and we need your help. While the task at hand is difficult, here’s what you can do today to end human trafficking:

  1. Know your enemy. Read well researched books, watch credible documentaries and always follow up what you learned by doing your own research.
  2. Attend events – Become an expert by watching well informed speakers and become a force to be reckoned with by meeting and organizing with like minded people.
  3. Purchase responsibly. Make sure that your money stays in ethical hands by looking into what companies keep exploitation out of their supply chains.
  4. Speak up. Educate those in your life about human trafficking. Don’t participate in rape culture, don’t mock those less powerful than you. Use your voice the way someone who doesn’t have one needs you to.
  5. Volunteer your time and efforts. Whatever your skill set is, it’s a guarantee that there are organizations that can use your help.
  6. Donate – Every dollar helps. If you’re in a position to donate please do so. Perhaps your employer offers matching donates in certain months. Maybe you know people who wish to donate, but aren’t sure where.
  7. Network – Maybe you know a plastic surgeon who can repair a survivor’s trafficking related injuries. Perhaps you know someone who has a furniture shop, a home repair store, a clothing company, maybe you know a grant writer, etc. For abuses this far reaching, it will require all hands on deck. Speak to the people you know and see if you can figure out even more ways to help.

From all of us at Traffick Free – thank you for your support and your compassion. Together, we can make this National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month the most productive – and compassionate- one yet.