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Chicago Council on Global Affairs: Combatting Human Trafficking, October 2017

Dick Durbin, Opening Remarks: United States Senator, Illinois; Marian Hatcher, Senior Project Manager, Human Trafficking Coordinator, Cook County Sheriff’s Office; Rochelle Keyhan , Director of Disruption Strategies, Polaris. Moderated by Laura Ng, Executive Director, Traffick Free. Watch the entire discussion here.

Working with Chicago City Council to Combat Human Trafficking in Massage Establishments, June 2017

Read the coverage from different perspectives here:

Nonprofit Optimist (podcast), May 2017

Laura shared great tips on how to get started with a nonprofit organizations. From the importance of gathering information to what kinds of boards to put in place, Laura gives encouragement, realistic advice and funny anecdotes along the way! She shares how collaboration, partnership and humility have played a large role in giving their organization credibility in the community. Listen here. Chicago Gets Another Task Force on Human Trafficking – Will This One Work?, August 2016

“The city has the third-highest volume of human trafficking in the country, and experts say this new group could be in the position to make a big impact.” Read the entire article here.

Jane Addams College of Social Work: Making Chicago Trafficking Free, November 2015

In 2009 Laura Ng MSW ‘15 was working in corporate America with her eyes on law school and volunteering at her church with an organization fighting human trafficking. By 2013 Laura had seen this organization through its incorporation as a not-for-profit, taken over full time as its executive director and re-enrolled in school to earn her masters in social work. Read the full article here.

Next Gen (UNICEF) Chicago hosts End Trafficking Panel, November 2015

Through her work at Traffick Free, Laura complemented Kevin’s global perspective on modern slavery with local insight on what human trafficking looks like here in Chicago. Read the summary of the evening here.

Dunamis Woman Magazine, Spring/Summer 2014


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Interview with Moody Radio

August 7th, 2013 – Special Events Director, Vanessa Beck, uses her background in Education and Event Management to serve on the Traffick Free Leadership team. Vanessa’s heart was first opened to the global injustice of human trafficking while she was in Thailand on a short-term missions trip. She arrived in Chicago in December of last year and is pelased to help aid in the fight of human trafficking with Traffick Free, including our 5k Run Against Traffick on September 7th! Listen to Vanessa’s interview here.

Interview with Moody Radio

February 27th, 2013 – Communications Director, Sarah Amidon, talks to Nancy Turner on “This is the Day” about human trafficking in Chicagoland and what Traffick Free is doing to bring an end to it. Listen here.


Human Trafficking in Illinois Fact Sheet (download)